WellSpoken Council

Sarah Greenidge

Founder WellSpoken
The founder’s story

After working in healthcare regulation and communications for some years, I broadened my horizons and started consulting for consumer health and wellness brands.

Coming from such a regulated healthcare space, where evidence-based information is king, I was concerned about the quality of consumer content in wellness, and that brand partnerships were largely based on popularity and not necessarily expertise.

After raising these issue to a few people working in the industry, I was met with the response that the industry was ‘different’ and ‘doesn’t need to be as strict with what we say.’

It was here that the mission to tackle this mindset was conceived and a year later The WellSpoken Mark was born.

The onus in wellness has always been for the public to decipher good from bad information; however, I believe that brands and influencers have a responsibility to make sure that the information they publish is of the very best standard.

Whether it be how much protein to consume, how many HIIT classes to attend a week or even understanding of the benefits and limitations of certain meditation practices – these routine choices need to be informed by credible information.

For us the WellSpoken Mark is more than a seal of approval; it represents a wholehearted commitment by wellness brands and influencers to strive towards providing evidence-based authentic content to the public.

The council is made up of a group of dynamic, entrepreneurial and passionate individuals who care about the future of the wellness sector, and believe that there is a need to raise and uphold the reputation of the industry.

Our specialities range from medical and health communications, health informatics, public relations, content marketing and professional coaching, with over five decades of experience between us.

The council are consulted annually on The WellSpoken Mark diagnostic process, our Code of Ethics and Conduct and industry guidelines.

Supporting the council is a scientific network of experts that all work at the highest level of research and clinical practice in the fields of internet credibility, nutrition, dietetics, physical fitness and psychology.

Melanie Ramsawhook

Medical Education Specialist

Dr Laura Sbaffi

Health Informatics Specialist, University of Sheffield

Ana Humber

Registered Nutritionist and Medical Communications Consultant

Jennifer White

Ethical Healthcare Communications Expert

Hayley Bisofsky-Pope

Positive Psychology and Coaching Specialist

If you are a wellness brand, publisher or ambassador who cares about credibility, find out how to apply for the WellSpoken Mark here and join our growing community of trusted names.