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WellSpoken Comment: Tackling the ‘health advice overload’

The latest article in the 2017 September issue of Balance magazine titled ‘Health advice overload’ raises some vital considerations that need to be front of mind when reading health and wellness information.

The article touches on the fact that the sheer volume of information available to us, makes it challenging for anyone to sift through and identify credible content.

While we acknowledge that there are key steps we can take to scrutinise the quality and usefulness of wellness information presented to us, we believe that the wellness industry needs to meet consumers half way.

Levels of health literacy across the nation are so varied (read more about that here), and to really empower people to work towards better wellbeing, there needs to be a concerted effort by the industry to ensure credibility is at the core of all their consumer content.

WellSpoken was founded to spearhead credibility in wellness. Our WellSpoken Mark is one step towards promoting a better standard of information within the wellness industry – by enabling the public to recognise wellness information that has been validated as evidence-based, authentic and credible.

Keep a look out for the WellSpoken Mark which is awarded to brands that are committed to providing trustworthy information.

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