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WellSpoken Comment: The Ogilvy ‘Wellness Movement Pioneers’ report

Author: Sarah Greenidge, Founder of WellSpoken

Date of preparation: October 2017

In early October, Ogilvy, the global marketing communications firm, released their new research study entitled ‘The Wellness Movement Pioneers’ which outlines some of the leading trends in the rapidly evolving wellness market.One of the trends identified was the rise of social fitness defined as:

One of the trends identified was the rise of social fitness defined as:

A new relationship between the individual and collective. Rejection of the idea that only healthcare professionals are qualified to heal. Wellness is a shared journey and a collective experience. For Millennials, wellness has shifted from a private activity to a group dynamic, whether it’s trampoline tennis in the park or posting pictures of yoga stretches. Millennials are making wellness a shared experience.1

Chapter III. Social fitness, The Wellness Movement Pioneers

While this shift shows that the public is making their wellbeing an active part of there life it also indicates a worrying trend towards becoming highly influenced by group dynamic.

While in some cases this can result in some really positive uptake of wellness behaviours (e.g. eating more balanced diets, leading less sedentary lives, proactive stress management) this can also lead to uptake of wellness trends that, out of context, can be detrimental to our health.

As a wellness community made up of publishers, brands, festivals, and influencers we need to be acutely aware of our sphere of influence and the importance of only publishing credible content.


  1. Ogilvy Health & Wellness (2017) The Wellness Movement Pioneers: New Global Research.Findings Gareth Ellis & Brian McCarter. Available here: https://www.slideshare.net/OgilvyWW/the-wellness-movement-pioneers-80232459 Last accessed October 2017
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