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WellSpoken comment: Goop health claims backlash

Wellness and controversy have unfortunately been positioned hand in hand over the last few years.

Recently The Independent covered some of the widespread criticism of Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand Goop.

At first glance, some of the advice and recommendations on the site are at best questionable and at worst problematic.

Of all criticism that started to bubble online, one comment stood out to us with profound clarity.

Dr Fred Wu, a congenital heart disease specialist from Harvard Medical School commented: “No one is “empowered” by misinformation.”

The very verbal rebuke of Goop by the wider medical community indicates a much bigger problem in wellness, which extends far beyond this particular website.

Wellness is becoming confusing. There is so much conflicting advice, and we have so little clarity of what to believe.

Here at WellSpoken, we believe that if we want to empower people to work towards better wellbeing, there needs to be a concerted effort by the industry to ensure credibility is at the core of all wellness information.

It is imperative that the industry is not only held to account but makes a unilateral commitment to do better.

On the other hand, we need to move away from finger pointing and name calling; it does nothing to bring about positive change. Instead, we need to focus on collectively working towards upholding the reputation of the industry.

When we founded WellSpoken we wanted to address two main challenges:

  • To combat the volume of poor quality wellness information available to the public
  • To improve health literacy, by upskilling and equipping the public to identify accurate and evidence-based wellness information.

For us, working with industry leaders to address unsubstantiated and incomplete information in consumer content, is paramount to bringing our mission to life.

Whether it be how much of a new ‘superfood’ to consume or whether to radically change your diet – these everyday choices need to be informed by the very best wellness information.

We believe that our WellSpoken Mark is one step towards promoting a better standard of information within the wellness industry – by enabling the public to recognise wellness information that has been validated as credible.

Addressing health literacy in the wellness sector is a tall order, especially as we often see the sector saturated with pseudoscience or opinions presented as fact. WellSpoken are willing to start that challenging conversation and lead high standards in the wellness industry.

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