Industry Standard

While there is extensive UK and European law regulating product packaging and health claims specifically, there is still a gap in legislation for driving wellness brands, bloggers and publishers to be more responsible for their communications about the public content they produce.

The current lack of industry-specific legislation means that consumers and other stakeholders have had to become the active players in holding wellness brands and ambassadors accountable. This leads to confusion, frustration and mistrust.

WellSpoken is leading an industry gold-standard for credible wellness communication that reflects and extends beyond the relevant UK and EU legislation.

While brands operating within the wellness industry have a legitimate right to promote products, services and provide lifestyle information to consumers, WellSpoken seeks to achieve a balance between the needs of industry partners, professionals and the rights of consumers to have credible information.

We seek to ensure brands and influencers:

  1. Produce good quality wellness information
  2. Communicate about wellness in a responsible manner
  3. Have credible partnerships and affiliations

Through the WellSpoken certification process, we provide those operating within the wellness industry with a robust framework supports high-quality responsible, ethical and evidence based communications.

All WellSpoken members are expected to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Conduct. We review all accredited members on an annual basis.

We also develop public guidance to assist those operating within the wellness industry to meet a high standard of consumer communications.