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Credibility not censorship

Author: Sarah Greenidge, Founder of WellSpoken

Date of preparation: October 2017

At WellSpoken, we believe that there need to be certain parameters established to guide those working in the industry to produce the most credible content.

The impact of misinformation can be unthinkable, none more so than that concerning our health and wellbeing.

While brands and influencers operating within the wellness industry have a legitimate right to promote products or services and also provide lifestyle information to consumers, we need to find a balance between sharing the content we want to share and ensuring it is credible.

Can new scientific research be shared and discussed? – of course

Can personal anecdotes and experiences be shared online? – absolutely

Can influencer and brands give their opinions on nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing? – yes

However there are a few caveats to this deal: opinions need to be robustly informed, recommendations need to be verified by people qualified in the relevant area and areas of uncertainty need to be plainly outlined.

Making sure that the principles of credibility are in place does not mean in any way that there is a hard and fast list of topics that should be restricted.

Our mission here at WellSpoken in to equip and empower brands and influencers to:

  • Produce good quality wellness information
  • Communicate about wellness in a responsible manner
  • Have credible partnerships and affiliations

If you provide the public with any sort of information about wellness, there is a responsibility to ensure that high standards to protect consumers are maintained.


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