Brand certification

WellSpoken certification aims to address and counter the pseudoscience that has become commonplace in the wellness industry – specifically when it comes to information relating to nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

To be awarded The WellSpoken Mark, a brand must be seen to be making a positive impact within the wellness industry.

The WellSpoken certification, is the result of a robust assessment that examines the credibility of all brand communications around lifestyle advice products and services.

Our assessment ensures that those awarded the certification go beyond achieving the minimum business standard for compliance with UK and EU law and best practice principles.

Our certification is valid for one year before another re-assessment is due. We also conduct quarterly spot-checks on all brand content throughout the year.

Our diagnostic review

To navigate the complexities of ensuring authentic communications across the areas of nutrition, fitness and wellbeing, our assessment relates specifically to the principles of credibility in information sharing.

The assessment is developed and updated annually in partnership with our experienced WellSpoken council and external institutional partners. This ensures the process reflects a high standard and is current with the changing regulations.

Our credibility principles

Our diagnostic review is composed of a series of questions and a rating scale used to indicate whether our bespoke quality criteria is present or has been ‘fulfilled’ by each piece of brand content.

Our questions and criteria check for credibility using our SOBI principles. We look for:

Substantiation of claims linked to robust scientific/medical sources

Out-of-remit medical or diagnostic advice

Balanced communications in both content and style

Incomplete information which could confuse or mislead the public

If you are a wellness brand, publisher or ambassador who cares about credibility, find out how to apply for the WellSpoken Mark here and join our growing community of trusted names.

WellSpoken certification process for brands

Audit survey 

Work with brands to understand their editorial processes, the type of content they produce, core audience and review systems

Diagnostic review

Conduct an audit on brand content using SOBI diagnostic review


Based on the results of the content review we take the brand editorial team through bespoke training in order to implement robust editorial framework

WellSpoken application process for brands

Step 1

Complete the WellSpoken Application Form

Step 2

Once contacted by the WellSpoken team, submit company materials for auditing

Step 3

Once submitted, you will be provided with a certification fee quote. Subject to acceptance of the quote, you will receive two copies of the licence contract for signature along with the invoice.

Step 4

Sign and return both copies of the contract to WellSpoken with payment. We will then sign the contract and return one copy to you for your records.

Step 5

Conduct WellSpoken training session and implement any amendments form audit.

Step 6

WellSpoken will send you a high resolution jpeg of the symbol, a certification number and the WellSpoken mark guidelines for usage. 

WellSpoken licensing pricing and banding

Company bands (based on company turnover)

  • Band A – £0 – £25,000 Turnover – Licence £450-550 per annum
  • Band B – £25,000 – £50,000 Turnover – Licence £550-850 per annum
  • Band C – £50,000 – £100,000 Turnover – Licence £850 -1500 per annum
  • Band D – £100,000 – £150,000 Turnover – Licence £1500-2500 per annum
  • Band E – £150,000 – £250,000 Turnover – Licence £2500-3500 per annum
  • Band F – £250,000 – £500,000 Turnover – Licence £3500-4500 per annum
  • Band G – £500,000 – £1 million Turnover – Licence £4500-5500 per annum
  • Band H – £1 million – £2 million Turnover – Licence £5500-6500 per annum
  • Band I – More than £2 million Turnover – Licence £6500-7500 per annum